I made a 2015 pact with myself that I would give homemade gifts to people for a year, instead of buying them.
I slipped up a few times.
For baby Olivia

For Ali's baby room

For Siany

For Lucy
Baby gift

For yet to be born Frank
Another for Frank

For Mum
Filled with nail polish, remover, cotton balls and emery boards.  One for each teenage niece.

For little girls

Baby gift
For Emily and Brad

Baby gift

Baby gift
Gift for a friend
For Mum

For  Dad
I've inserted pages with cars he's owned 

For Eleanor
Linen dress for Mum
For Hayley

For Richard
For James
I can't remember

It's 2016 and I have continued to made gifts. Its very satisfying.

For Frank

For Pen
For baby Liam

For baby Frank

For Jonny

For Alice
For Hayley
For Sian

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